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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Spider and the Bill

Our younger son has just started his university course down in London. Earlier this week, he and his friends captured a large black spider at their house. It had brown and white stripes as well and had arrived hidden in a bunch of bananas. It was fully alive and active.

They took it to the Natural History Museum and asked a staff member if it was a Black Widow spider. It was.

This evening, our lad was skate-boarding when he saw a drunk approaching and so moved on.

By chance, he looked back to see the drunk eyeing up a very expensive-looking late model car. Our lad decided to inform the police and just happened to come upon a police van and two individuals in police uniform.

When he told them what he'd seen, they explained that they were actors doing a scene for The Bill but they thought that a police station was located around the corner. (The suspicious-looking drunk wasn't part of the scene, evidently.)

Our lad tried to find it but couldn't. However, a passer-by lent him her phone, by which he called 999 and two police cars arrived on the scene in about five minutes.

He actually starts lectures next week. We hope things will quieten down a bit for him, so he can focus on his studies.


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